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Home work reggio emilia assembly.

Animals names with pictures learning English Animal names using pictures and words to help learning animala names English lesson pecs 16 Great website for real life pictures for preschoolers Kids English English Tips English Words English Lessons Learn English English Language French Lessons Spanish Lessons Japanese Language Feelings And Emotions flashcard Printable flash card illustrating: happy, sad, worried, angry, tired, sleepy, thirsty, hungry, sick. Printable PDF versions available for download.

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I am a mother. And like most mothers, I am trying to teach my children how to work and how to take care of themselves. So, I've made these cards to go with a job board I plan to order off of etsy.

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You can double click the image for a larger view. Summer Vocabulary Cards with vocabulary chart and record cards.

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Practice extending sentences. Boardmaker icons.

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Non-verbal, Autism, Special Needs. Today's post is about a Freebie to go along with that unit…or you can use it in your room for a great sorting work task.

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I have made a sorting sheet and pictures for each food group. Here is what they look like.

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There are more than enough pictures for the sorting page, so you can pick and choose the ones you want to use! You can print these out, laminate them as is or put them into file folder format.

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Whatever works for you. I… What are my guys up to? These 75 sight word matching mats are perfect for independent work in your work stations.

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